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Log Hill Mesa, Ouray County, Colorado




Current Fire Restrictions:

From the Ouray County Sheriff: Ouray County is in Stage 1 Fire Restrictions. No open burning of any kind including trash, debris, burning of ditches, open charcoal or wood fires until further notice. Updates will be posted on Ouray County website www.ouraycountyco.gov


Log Hill Fire will post further details as they become available.

(Check with your Home Owner's Association to verify burning restrictions in your subdivision. Please call the Montrose Regional Dispatch Center at 252-4020 and inform the Dispatch Center of any controlled burns or fires you plan to have on your property.)


Fire Restrictions Flyer


New Ouray County Fire Restrictions


 Due to the recent rains, the Board of County Commissioners has authorized Sheriff Mattivi to implement Stage 1 Fire Restrictions, effective July 16, 018. The Board of County Commissioners and the Sheriff ask residents and visitors to please be diligent and use caution as fuels are dry and, as has been experienced elsewhere in Colorado, wildfire potential is very high. What you need to know:      



These restrictions will remain in place until further notice, and until otherwise revised or rescinded by the Sheriff and the Board of County Commissioners. Updates to fire restrictions or bans will be posted to the Ouray County website: ouraycountyco.gov


If you have questions, or see a violation of the fire restrictions, please contact the Ouray County Sheriff’s office at 970-325-7272.


Log Hill Fire Participates in the Telluride Gives Campaign

On December 14, Log Hill Fire will again be participating in the Telluride Gives campaign.  Since 2011, falling property values have reduced the property tax revenue received by the fire department by approximately 32.4%.  In 2018, tax revenue will again fall by almost $9,200.  Please consider supporting Log Hill Fire, along with many other Ouray County non-profits through this campaign.  You can give at: https://telluridegives.org/npo/log-hill-volunteer-fire-department on December 14.  If you prefer to send your donation directly to Log Hill Fire, you can mail it to: LHMFPD, P. O. Box 747, Montrose, CO 81402.  Thank you.



Millions of Home Fire Extinguishers Recalled

Kidde has recalled almost 38 million home fire extinguishers.  The recall is for plastic handle fire extinguishers.  It takes about 5 minutes to request a replacement fire extinguisher from Kidde. Just call 1-855-271-0773. They ask for name, address, Model and Serial number and color of the extinguisher. You will receive a replacement in about 2 weeks.



Mitigation assistance is available! 

The West Region Wildfire Council has opened the community assistance program for 2017. The program assists residents in performing mitigation and creating defensible space around their homes. This program will pay up to 75% of the cost to perform wildfire mitigation around homes. To get started, contact the West Region Wildfire Council and schedule a site visit. http://www.cowildfire.org/2017-cost-share-program/




Log Hill Fire Improves Public Protection

Classification Rating

On October 24, 2016, the Insurance Services Organization (ISO) announced that Log Hill Fire has improved its Public Protection Classification (PPC) Rating to 4/4Y which will be effective February 1, 2017.  PPC reflects the department’s ability to respond in the event of a structure fire. 

The department receives a split classification because a large portion of the rating is based on water supplies available to fight a structure fire.  The southern portion of the district which is served by Dallas Creek Water Company is rated a PPC 4.  The northern part of the district is served by Tri-County water is rated a PPC 4Y indicating less available water and fewer fire hydrants.

Log Hill Fire has steadily improved its PPC over the last three ISO inspections.  A 1999 inspection resulted in a PPC rating of 6/9.  In 2011, the PPC rating was raised to 5/8B after a follow-up inspection by ISO.  “We are pleased by the results of the latest ISO survey,” said Fire Chief John Rogers.  “The improved rating indicates our training program, pump and hose testing programs and our public education outreach program are having a positive impact on our service to the community.”

Many insurance companies use the PPC rating of a fire department to help determine the cost of fire insurance.  There are many factors which impact the cost of fire insurance, but an improved PPC rating may reduce the overall cost or reduce the rate at which prices for insurance increase.




2017 Chief’s Award

Station Captain Jeff Katz received the 2017 Chief's Award for his extended fine service as a firefighter and Station Captain for the past 10 years with Log Hill Fire.




For more information on becoming a volunteer firefighter please see our Recruiting Brochure.



Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District 2018 Proposed Budget