Board of Directors

  • Rick Jones | Chair Member since 2017, End of Current Term: May 2027
  • Dennis Michaud | Treasurer Member since 2018, End of Current Term:   May 2025
  • Jeff Davis | Member since 2022, End of Current Term:  May 2025
  • Austin Ray | Director End of Current Term: May 2027
  • Michael Ryan | Vice Chair End of Current Term: May 2025

Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District

Mission Statement

The Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District’s mission is to provide the District’s residents and property owners with the best possible, most cost-efficient, fire prevention education and fire suppression services for structures and wildlands through the efforts of volunteer firefighters, within the constraints of available funds. Additionally, it is to support all other districts with which there are mutual aid agreements.


The Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District is a governmental subdivision of the State of Colorado and a corporate body with those powers of a public or quasi-municipal corporation which are specifically authorized by, and in compliance with, applicable Colorado statutes.

The District is also a duly authorized Colorado corporation incorporated under the name of Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department and organized as a nonprofit corporation pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All references to the “District” include the Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department, the two entities being one and the same, other than their legal creation status.

Board of Directors

All powers, privileges and duties vested in, or imposed upon, the Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District by law are exercised and performed by and through the Board of Directors. The Board may delegate to officers and employees of the District any or all administrative powers. The Board is responsible for the establishment and governing of the Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department, whose purpose is to benefit the residents of the District by preserving their safety and their property from fire.

The Board of Directors of the Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District is the same as the Directors of the Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department.

The Board consists of five (5) Directors, who must be registered to vote in the District. The Board of Directors elects from its membership a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Sergeant-at-Arms who are the officers of the Board of Directors and of the District.  Each officer normally serves for a term of four years, which term expires upon the election of their successor or upon their reelection to that office.  Any vacancy occurring is filled by an affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining Directors, as prescribed by statute. Directors may be removed from office only by recall provisions prescribed by statute.

All meetings of the Board, other than Executive Sessions, are open to the public, and are managed in accordance with the Revised Roberts Rules of Order.


Expenses for the operation of the Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District dba Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department are funded through several revenue sources. The primary source is a mill levy established each year upon the assessed valuation of all taxable real property within District, and collected annually through Ouray County’s tax collection process. Other sources of funding include local, state and federal grants; contributions and donations made by individuals and organizations; and fundraising.