Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department

Welcome to the home of the Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department

Log Hill Mesa, Ouray County, Colorado

poster requesting people sign up as fire fighters
If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter, contact us at 970.626.4095 or via email at info@loghillfire.org. For more information on what it takes to be a firefighter click here.

Current Fire Restrictions:

There are currently no fire restrictions in effect in Ouray County.

as of June 29, 2022

(Check with your Home Owner’s Association to verify burning restrictions in your subdivision. Colorado law now requires that all controlled burns be reported prior to burning. Please contact the WESTCO Dispatch Center at (970) 252-4020 and inform the Dispatch Center of any controlled burns or fires you plan to have on your property.)

Log Hill Fire and Ouray county use Ouray County Alerts and WENS to communicate emergency notifications. You can sign up for Ouray County Alerts here, and WENS here.

District Board Announces Finalist for Fire Chief

On April 11, 2023, District Board members for the Log Hill Mesa Fire Protection District conducted interviews with two highly qualified candidates to replace retiring Fire Chief John Rogers.  The District Board has announced that William Martindale has been selected for the position.  The District Board plans to enter into an employment contract with future Chief Martindale on May 9, 2023, after the required waiting period has elapsed following this announcement and upon completion of a background check.

Chief Martindale will bring an outstanding employment history as a firefighter to the job.  He has 21 years of service as both a volunteer and career firefighter covering a wide range of experience in both structure and wildland firefighting.  He also has certifications as a Paramedic, Fire Officer, Fire Instructor, Live Fire Instructor, Firefighter 2, and HAZMAT Operations.  Bill has wildland certifications as Firefighter, Squad Boss, Faller, Engine Boss, and Incident Command Type 4.

Chief John Rogers will retire from Log Hill Fire on September 1, 2023, after 20 years of service as the longest serving Chief in Department history.  John has overseen twenty years of growth in Log Hill Fire which have included modernization of our fleet of vehicles and other equipment, construction of Fire Station 2, and great improvements in the level of training of our firefighters.

Posted April 13, 2023

Thanksgiving Weekend Fire Consumes Old Clubhouse

At 6:13 PM on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, the alert came in as structure fire with flames through the roof and a chained driveway.  As the first engine left the fire station, they could see the flames from the old clubhouse about a quarter mile away.  Since the clubhouse was the second largest structure in the district and it was heavily involved in flames, firefighters knew it would be a long night.

view of the clubhouse on fire
Flames visible as the first engine departs the fire station.

First arriving firefighters immediately requested mutual aid from Ridgway Fire and Ouray Fire in addition to the automatic aid fire engine that was enroute from Montrose Fire.  Throughout the night, 30 firefighters from four departments worked to contain the blaze and ensure it did not extend to the forest surrounding the structure.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

firefighters battling clubhouse fire
Firefighters battle the Thanksgiving weekend fire at the old clubhouse.

$2,000 Grant For Training Simulator

Thank you for the continued generosity and community support of the Ouray County Community Fund and Citizens State Bank. Log Hill Fire has just received a $2,000 grant for the purchase of a Forcible Entry Training Simulator which will allow us and neighboring fire departments to realistically train on gaining entry to emergencies which will greatly speed our actions.

$500 Grant for First-Aid & Training Equipment

Thank you to the Woman’s Club of Ouray County for their continuing support of our efforts. We have just received a $500 grant to help with next year’s first-aid training. Your support is appreciated as it has been in the past.

Log Hill Mesa Renews Firewise Status for 2023

We are proud to announce that the Firewise Communities status for Log Hill Mesa has been renewed for 2023. Residents invested or performed over $75,000 in fire mitigation activities for the year, well outpacing the required $21,564 worth of investment. Thanks to everyone who works to make our home a safer place to live.